Who makes diet rite

Is Diet Rite a Coke product?

Diet Rite is a brand of no-calorie soft drinks originally distributed by the RC Cola company.

Diet Rite.TypeDiet ColaManufacturerKeurig Dr PepperCountry of originUnited StatesIntroduced1958Related productsDiet Coke, Diet Pepsi, and Tab

Is Diet Rite and Diet RC the same?


The same company that eventually developed Diet Rite, and is currently also owned by Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc. The name RC Cola stands for Royal Crown Cola, and was coined in 1934 when the formula was first improved.

Who carries Diet Rite cola?


What are the ingredients in Diet Rite cola?


What is the healthiest soda?

Sierra Mist

Which Coke is healthiest?

Coca-Cola Plus is being touted as the “healthiest soda” you can buy, thanks to what’s not in it, as well as what is. The soda is calorie- and sugar-free, just like its Coke Zero and Diet Coke siblings, but it also has a dose of fiber added to it. Hence the “plus” in its name.

What diet pop has no aspartame?

Many diet sodas without aspartame are available, including Diet Coke with Splenda, Coca-Cola Life and Diet Pepsi with Splenda.

Is it OK to drink diet ginger ale?

Ginger ale offers multiple health benefits though it is discouraged for its high sugar level. However, when it comes to diet ginger ale, no more sugar problem. Diet ginger ale not only improves stomach disturbance and nausea problem. It is also a great home remedy for a cough and good for weight loss.

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Is Diet Pepsi aspartame free now?

PepsiCo is adding aspartame back to its flagship Diet Pepsi product. … The aspartame-free version will still be available, but only via e-commerce. Despite confusing research and health concerns about aspartame, Diet Coke never changed its aspartame-based recipe, which has given the drink a market advantage.

What does Diet Rite taste like?

Diet Rite is the only soda we know that has neither salt or sugar. The cola flavor is refreshing with or without ice.

Is Pepsi zero sugar bad for you?

Artificially sweetened beverages like Coke Zero have been linked to other health issues, including: Increased risk of heart disease. An observational study found a link between artificially sweetened beverages and an increased risk of heart disease among women with no prior history of heart disease ( 20 ).

Is Fresca safe to drink?

The Fresca products also contain aspartame, an artificial sweetener about 200 times stronger than table sugar. Consumers have avoided it in recent years, in part because of concerns over its potential to cause cancer. The National Cancer Institute has found no evidence of a link between aspartame and the disease.

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